Reflection #1

I agree because the curriculum I deal with as a high school math teacher in Cecil County, is very difficult. They want us to do so much but The pace and material is counter-effective to what they want us to do. It is not flexible and it does pose many barriers. I feel as though they want me to cover material for two classes in one, and they want me to make it as individual to each student as possible, but there is no time or space to do any of this. I feel as though we need to be more specific to what we need to cover and spend more time covering those topics.


Math Resource

Dear Parents, Administration, and Students-

I’m so excited to introduce you to my new informative classroom website- my Wikispace! For those of you who are unfamiliar with what a Wikispace is, it is a new way to communicate with parents, students, and administration about what is going on in my classroom on a daily basis. It encourages student accountability, parental support, and it makes it easier for administration to play a role in the daily flow of our classroom.

On this interactive website you will easily be able to access our classroom schedule, daily homework assignments, a teacher communication spot, as well as links to helpful websites for student support. I believe with the launch of this site, students will better be able to grasp the concepts that we are studying through the additional support that is offered. Parents will be able to hold students accountable for homework assignments, as well as help them prepare for major upcoming tests, quizzes, and projects.

I highly encourage all of you to access this website as soon as possible and begin a new journey of learning with me. You can access our classroom Wikispace at and then click on your class to the left.

Thank you!
Mr. Davis