Universally Designed Items
Universally Designed Teaching Tools/Strategies,
School Practices
Option to use head phones
Allow student to sit or stand
Size of print
Allow student to select work space:
stay in class or work in an another location
Color of print
Options for Assessment (Alternate Assessments)
Providing a syllabus
Choice (ie. select any 5 problems to do for homework on a list of 20)
Providing an agenda
Use of a glossary/dictionary
Flipping the class: Kids read/take notes on the chapter for homework. Next day, students work problems in class.
Providing a handout and/or an additional handout
Background Music on and allowing opposing students to wear headphones to block the sound out
Allowing students to eat when hungry
Carrying a First Aid Bag on all school trips
Option to use Calculator
Being Epi Pen certified
Option to use highlighters
Being CPR certified
Option to use ruler to read to help (tracking)
Fire Plan for Handicapped/Wheel Chair person(s) on second floor or above
Option to drink water as needed
Bringing all medications to Nurse to store throughout the day
Chairs that are adjustable in height and/or back position
Printing rather than writing in cursive
Pencils that have rubber cushions them
The teacher reading the aloud to the class
Erasable pens, erasable markers
Providing models
Writing only on one side of the page (not double-sided copies)
Hanging informational posters
Limiting the amount of text on a page and amount of text per line
Hanging reminders
*Handouts that have good visual contrast
Posting homework/assignments
*Providing Study Guides
Providing set times/practices for help (ie. After school on Tuesdays, at lunch on Fridays)
Freedom to doodle
Equitable Strategies
School uniforms
Low Student to teacher ratio
Scrap paper
Option to vary lighting
Option to use graph paper, unlined paper, or lined paper to help with spacing
Option to make the room scent-free

*Vocabulary List provided before reading

*Visual cues during lectures

*Frequent and ongoing feedback

*Predictable structure and routine
* = items taken from: on June 16, 2011