I absolutely agree with this viewpoint. For many of us, the curriculum is so vast and has so many details that it isI impossible to teach all parts of it effectively so it is retained in students’ long term memories. With the advent of standardized tests such as the HSA, many of us have so much content to cover that we use teaching methods that we know are ineffective in the long run just so we can say we hit on all parts of the curriculum. It is not only disabling and presents barriers for the students at times, but it is disabling for the teacher as well. Teachers are so strapped for time at different points in the year that it is very difficult to use best teaching practices and a layering approach at all times. Curriculums must be scaled down in terms of content to best provide students and teachers with tools to universally succeed.

Interactive Website


This is a site I have used some in the past for some really cool simulations and as I was exploring it last night, I found a lot more things that can be used in class. This is a GREAT website for social studies teachers.

Check this out Meansy!!!


Fantastic Website for government and U.S. History classes that has different interactive activities and simulations.