Reflection #1
“At the core of UDL is the premise that often the curriculum is disabled (and disabling!). It is not flexible; it often poses barriers, and consequently prevents rather than supports optimal learning experiences.”

I do agree with this statement. Today’s society seems to be focused on how much information can be covered in an allotted time. The focus of today’s education system has shifted from focusing on what the students know, how they can optimally learn more, and the best to teach that information. For example, our 7th grade students are required to complete a 7th grade music assessment. There is a total of 16 sections that have to be taught and completed in 22 classes. There is no official modification to the assessment and students with IEP’s and 504 plans do not always get the modifications that are required. The students have information that is closer to a college level music class and are expected to master the information and apply it to a music piece or to identify the definitions of music terms after only having 2 hours to be introduced to the information, practice applying it in class, and then taking the test. Since this is the situation, many students shut down and give up trying before they really get started.

Education is very disabling and not flexible because students are not given the opportunity to really learn new information and how to correctly apply it before they have to take a test. Education should not only be about teaching to a test, but giving each student the opportunity to really learn information and how to appreciate what is out in the world and how to apply it to the best of their abilities.

Willingness to Be Disturbed
Screen_shot_2012-05-05_at_10.16.24_AM.png Screen_shot_2012-05-05_at_10.19.50_AM.png
I like the heart because it represents how the main points of the article (in my mind) is that if you're curious and you're "willing to be disturbed" it can lead us to being more accepting and more "loving". : )

The multiple colors of the wordle shows the various views that people have in regards to beliefs, opinions, and views.

These are some websites that were shared at a SMARTboard training that I went to this past Wednesday, May 2. Thought these might be helpful.

If anyone is looking for something different, check out Joe Castillo. He does sand art and uses it to tell stories. It's cool and different and kids really like it.

I liked this website because it had a lot of information and was organized by topic and subject.

These were the two websites that I found. The first website is geared more to music, but it has some neat ideas. The second one if from a music journal that has some good "checklists" to use when making a UDL lesson.

These are some other random sites that I found and thought I would share.

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