Homework: (For 5/6/12)
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Physical Science: University of Colorado
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Science House: Video Science

Reflection #1:

At the core of UDL is the premise that often the curriculum is disabled (and disabling!). It is not flexible; it often poses barriers, and consequently prevents rather than supports optimal learning experiences.”

I agree with this statement. I find the curriculum to be disabling and inflexible. Perhaps the greatest reason I feel this way is the often-stated description of the curriculum being, “a mile wide and an inch deep”. Although cliché, it is what I believe is wrong with the way we teach science in the United States.

The curriculum is no longer a guideline of suggestions of what teachers should teach. It is more of an instruction manual that must be followed. Deviating from this instruction manual could be considered blasphemy or professional suicide to some. To describe curriculum as inflexible is an understatement.

In addition to being inflexible, the curriculum is impossibly lengthy (and broad). Not only do teachers have to follow the curriculum, but we are expected to finish it and
it all. This disables teachers as well as students. It leaves educators with little choice, but to the cover the material.
In this sense, we are not teachers, but presenters. Teachers often present information once, regardless of if it is learned or not, and move on because time (the lack of) demands us to do so.

Andre- Try this for Science games: